Astral projecting is full of crazy experiences.  After I had been astral projecting for a few years something had changed.  I started to encounter beings where in the beginning phases I never saw anyone.  On one occurrence I came across what I would describe as a negative entity or some may refer to as a demon.  And so the story begins...

It was the middle of the day and I decided to take a nap.  In the midst of my nap my mind had awaken in the right state of mind where I knew I could project.  As I felt the vibrations get stronger I used the "roll out" method.  I felt heavy and blurred vision at first and thought I had woken up in confusion.  Something then grabbed my leg in my room.  Something that I could not see.  As I pulled away and tried to escape the invisible force grabbing at my leg, I was eventually able to get it to release.  In a bit of confusion I walked into my parents room and soon realized that I had not in fact awaken.  I was actually out of body.  Once I realized this I walked around some more and soon heard a knock at the door.  In that moment, I was thrown off as I had never encountered any other beings in a projection.  When I answered the door I saw a gentlemen with pale skin and fire red hair very fluffed and straight backwards.  He also had on a plaid shirt.  I felt a bad energy and slammed the door.  When I turned around he was standing in the kitchen.  I asked who he was and he explained that I must come with him.  He insisted and insisted and I began to ask him about the entity that grabbed my leg.  He gave me some explanation, but I can't recall what he had actually said to me.  He continued to try and lure me away from the house and in a fading memory I woke up later on.  

This first instance of seeing a negative entity somewhat threw me off, but I was okay.  I did some other research and I found that many others had very much the same story of something they could not see grabbing them by a limb and pulling them around when exiting their bodies.  These experiences are such a mystery as they happen to so many other people it's very hard to dismiss that astral projection is just something in your mind.  

When the movie Insidious came out, a friend had mentioned I should watch it.  I love the movie, but with what happens in the movie is a child eventually goes into a coma as a demon is trying to possess his body.  A figure with a bright red face.  All in all the story really hit home with the experience I had and left me to stop projecting for a few years.  This story is not to scare people away from the excitement of out of body experiences, but to just explain that there is more that we may not fully understand.  


The Beginning


It was a great Summer night and I had gotten a job from my friend working with him at a country club doing valet parking.  Sitting in a chair, in a box, I was with my friend playing cards.  He turns to me and says, "Have you ever heard of out of body experiences?"  Intrigued, I asked more.  He continues to tell me people can do this in their sleep and it's called astral projection.  This was the beginning of my understanding.  It doesn't really go against any beliefs. If anything, as most people will tell you it tends to make those beliefs stronger. I am still very open to the possibility that this idea exists only in your head, but the more and more one travels down this road the less likely that seems.  

My interest became increasingly stronger.  To this day I recommend one person to all friends that show interest, Robert Monroe.  He has been a real eye-opener and approaches astral projection at a very every day person point of view.  Reading about so many methods and attempts at how the right way to do astral projection is, Monroe doesn't try to sell you anything.  All these books online advertising how easy it is to do and that buying their book will let you do it in 5 easy steps.  The truth is no book can tell you the method that is going to work best for you.  It's up to you to figure it out.  Until you do it the first time, you're not even exactly sure what you're looking for.  I heard to many stories about "vibrations" and had constructed in my mind what they might be.  The truth is, I had no idea.  

Three years after my friend had told me about astral projection and out of body experiences I had a dream.  In the dream there was a pretty girl and life was truly good.  I realized I was dreaming for the first time in at least five years.  From the dream I imagined my mind being further away from where I was.  It's a hard thing to describe, but imagine zoning out while staring at something and imagining that you're over in that spot rather than where you're at.  I did this while I was dreaming and this was my first experience of these "vibrations".  The word does best describe it, but at the same time it doesn't.  I heard a very high pitch noise and all of a sudden everything went black.  "Had I astral projected?" I thought to myself... I woke up not sure what to make of it.  Doing some research others described this as a "blackout stage" where you aren't far enough from your physical body so you cannot see.  A very interesting answer as I had not read anything previously about that happening to others until I made the effort to look for it after it had actually happened.  The same goes for the high pitch ringing sound.  Things that were experienced, but had not read about.

A few days later I had another dream.  I had been reading a lot of books so my mind was in the right state of mind to be able to lucid dream more often.  I could only say I had a handful of lucid dreams in my life before-hand and to add another step to the process is definitely why it had taken me so long to achieve the results.  To this day, I haven't astral projected while actually falling asleep.  In this dream I took the same approach.  A sense of feeling almost like you're changing frequencies on a radio, but if it were physical.  You can feel the tension of what people refer to as your physical cord that connects between your "spirit" and body.  Sometimes this cord is looser than other times making certain times harder to project out of your body.  All of a sudden I start to feel these vibrations.  Next thing I know I'm upside down over my bed.  I flip over, unsure of what happened.  I'm looking around overwhelmed by what I just did.  "It's real?..." I'm thinking to myself as I walk around my room.  I start touching things because I can't believe what had happened.  Everything looks and feels as if I'm awake.  My next sense was to try to go to a friends house to validate something and prove that this is real (which is not nearly as easy as I wish).  I imagine just being at his house and I close my eyes.  When I open them I'm in a small room.  A fan is blowing in the window and there is a single twin bed with a photo on the nightstand.  Not sure of where I was I walked around for a little longer and then my awareness faded.

When I woke up, I didn't remember right away.  Your memory seems to fade as if it was a hard to remember dream that you all of a sudden remember later on in the day.  A minute or two later it clicked and my eyes started tearing.  I could not believe that I had achieved this.  What seems like a really neat idea in theory became a theory that existed.  Something I still have so many questions about.  Whether or not this is all in everyone's head the experiences are real.  This is very much more than just any dream or lucid dream for that matter.  It's something else that others have said to have proof of its truth.  This is where my journeys first began.  Where they end remains to be seen. 



     Periodically there will be stories related to my experiences.